Please be advised of the difference between Court Officers and Constables. Constables are appointed and or elected by the City, Town or Township etc. etc. etc. of which they reside.

By definition the constable is a Law Enforcement Officer / Peace Officer, with the statutory power of arrest without warrant throughout the state. They've taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of New Jersey and the United States of America.

(The City Municipal Clerks Office) - swears him/her in. A Constables authority originates throughout the County, the work that Constable's by statutory law should be doing. The courts are giving this work to the County Sheriffs office and the court officers, which are calling themselves Constable's.

These court officers have no statutory arrest powers, these court officers that illegally are calling them selves constables, which they are not. Constable's are appointed or elected commissioned by the city of which they reside.

A Mayor and a City Council Member can only do this commission. These court officers are not elective officials there not appointed or commissioned. Neither are they law enforcement officers sworn to uphold the State Of New Jersey and the United States Constitution.

Constable's are individuals that have gone through a lengthy and extensive investigation and background checks. Along with fingerprints through their local Police Department, the County Sheriffs office, the State Police and finally the FBI.

Once all these background checks are done and if approved, the mayor of the city or a city council member must sponsor the individual. Now the citizen must wait for a vote from the City council of which he or she has applied. If there is a favorable Vote then that individual is now commission as a Constable, but before he or she can perform their statutory duties.

The Constable must now produce a bond to the city for approval. This bond protects the city as well as the Constable from frivolous lawsuits on any actions taken by a Constable. The bond also serves as another way of making sure the individual applying for a commission as constable is in good standing. You cannot obtain a constables bond if you have bad credit. Every town and or City within the State of New Jersey has the right to appoint no less than two and no more than 50 Constable's that can be appointed to a three-year term.

(Court officers) - Court officers simply go to the individual that sponsors them, and simply fills out an application. The application is then simply given to a superior court judge by the sponsoring agent. And then approved or disapproved. The basic duties are to serve lockout notices for the civil court, and make every attempt to collect monies for the winner of the civil case.

The proposed Constable / Police / Municipal & County Governments / Buddy System would be implemented on a one (1) year pilot test basis. The purpose of the program would be to fully study and analyze the implementation of the aforementioned proposal. The program study would be directed by several individuals, they would have expertise from the Police, Legal, Constable, and Criminal Justice System. The proposed study would take place with an integration of the Police Department, Constables, Sheriffs Department, County Police, and The Essex County Commissioners Office throughout this great state and other sectors of the law enforcement community. 

Don't miss this opportunity to utilize your citizens. Where always talking about getting citizens involved in their community. This by no means is a fix for this state, but it's a means to start the healing.