How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and an annual membership fee of $75.00, dues are $15 a month do at each meeting.  We also need a copy of your resolution and or certificate of your appointment; from your local municipality.  We'll also need a copy of your municipality ID, driver's license, & Social Security card, passport photo, and your signature on a blank piece of paper with no lines.  Also keep in mind that any and all material, badges, IDs, wallets, walkie-talkie / radios, uniforms, etc. you and you alone will bear the cost that is non-refundable; any walkie-talkie / radios with the F.O.C.'s frequencies will be turned over to be de-programed.  Any and all badges, patches, vehicle shields, vehicle plaques and ID's will remain the property of this organization and must be returned upon your dismissal from this organization.

The signature and photo will be used for your organizations plastic ID card




Please consider your decision of joining this organization before applying.  While we do appreciate your interest in joining this organization we want you to fully understand what you're signing up for.  Part of the qualifications for becoming a member of this organization requires your full commitment to your fellow constables and this organization.  Meaning that if you choose to go forward your committing yourself to being a community service provider and obligating yourself to give back to the community of which you serve.  You're committing yourself to maintaining the standards of which this organization holds dear.  You're committing yourself to a command structure of which you will abide by along with all the rules and regulations set forth.  You're committing yourself to abide by all disciplinary actions that may be charged against you by the Board of ethics director and or the organizations board members.  You're committing yourself to pay all fines and penalties set upon you if found guilty of any rules or regulations of this organization.  You're committing yourself to caring yourself with the dignity selflessness and honor, in and out of uniform; while on duty or off-duty during your personal life.  You're committing yourself to an obligation that will demand your ability to be active in this organization.  Those activities will consist of answering the call from the chief of this organization, any City council person, Mayor, or chief of police of any municipality within your jurisdiction.  Purchasing all necessary equipment and uniforms in order to be properly equipped and at the ready.  Following all rules and regulations attending all appropriate meetings which are held every second Saturday of each month.  But please always keep this in mind, if you do not have the time to give back to your communities when needed; you will not be the Constable that this organization want or need.  There are many constables that are not members of this organization for whatever reason they may have, we still wish them well.  Constables that are members of this organization are recognized by the State of New Jersey's State legislators office, the New Jersey State police, the New Jersey State Attorney General's office, the County prosecutor's office throughout the state, the local police departments, the mayor and city council persons that appoint us.  So with this understanding if you so choose to move forward in joining this great organization that is your voice and champion for constables throughout the state of New Jersey.  All new members are considered to be on a 90 day probationary period, there are no exceptions whatsoever to this rule.


So always remember that you are not a police officer by New Jersey standards.

Contrary to the state of New Jersey's constitution.  

So when asked by anyone, you are a peace officer with the full powers of arrest without warrant. 



!!We Welcome You!!


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Who Can Join?

We invite any and all constables from the State of New Jersey.  This means any city, any township, any county, any municipality, within this state.  We do understand that some city and or township Council members, only allowed for a one-year resolution on your appointment as constable.  This will not affect your membership, membership is renewed annually once a year.  At the time of your completed application is submitted you must be an active appointed, commissioned constable.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members become close friends and they have a great time when they get together. Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause.  To present yourselves as professionals to the law enforcement community.  To become many voices when demanding our legislators to enforce the laws that govern us.  To help educate each other on the laws that govern us.