PHILIP D. FLUKER - CHIEF / PRESIDENT                                                                                             



Chief Constables / State President - Duties & Responsibilities

It shall be the duty of the chief constable / state president of the (FOC) to cause the public peace to be preserved and to see that all state laws, municipal and county ordinances, relating to constables thereto are properly enforced. The chief constable, under municipal code and the supervision of (The New Jersey State Fraternal Order Of Constables). He / she will perform all appropriate functions, respecting enforcement of law and order, while providing the highest degree of public safety trust and quality of life. This dedication is built on the values of honor, professionalism, commitment, compassion, reliability and accountability. The chief constable / state president will serve with integrity, to preserve life, to enforce law, and to work in a partnership with and be the liaison / spokesman between his subordinate constables and the Municipal Police Department, the County Sheriff's Department, the New Jersey State Police, the New Jersey State Fraternal Order Of Constables and the community to enhance the quality of life in his / her perspective Counties and The state of New Jersey.


Duties discharged include:

  • Cause to have his / her subordinates to protect and serve all citizens of life and property.
  • Cause to have his / her subordinates render aid to sick and injured persons.
  • Cause to have his / her subordinates enforce any municipal & county ordinances, and state laws governing constables.
  • Cause to have his / her subordinates provide traffic control and security at major events when and where directed by the mayor, municipal council, chief of police, or the county sheriff.
  • Cause to have his / her subordinates Assist lost motorists and pedestrians.
  • Cause to have his / her subordinates Assist motorists with disabled vehicles.
  • Coordinate with other Emergency Services Agencies during major incidents.
  • Promote and maintain good relations with any and all municipal, county, and state agencies and their departments.
  • Promote maintain and cause his / her subordinates to uphold any and all of the constables code of ethics at all times.
  • Promote and or caused his / her subordinates to work closely with the municipal council members to allow his / her fellow constables to provide more free services for its Providence, townships, and cities throughout New Jersey.


The chief constable / state president shall have no power or authority whatsoever to appoint anyone to the position of constable; he / she cannot directly cause a fellow constable to be dismissed from office by being decommissioned without due process via a vote by board members. There are state statutes that govern constables being appointed and dismissed from office or for abandonment of office. The chief constable / state president successor shall be appointed to office by way of the existing chief constable / state president of the FOC. After verification of his / her appointment the FOC's board and its members and the City Council must immediately be notified of be existing chief constable / state presidents choice for the new chief constable / state president. Once approved the appointed chief constable / state president shall hold office until he / her resign, is removed for just cause by virtue of a vote by the existing board members or appoints the next chief constable / state president. The chief constable is subject to all municipal, county ordinances and state laws that governs all constables, and can be removed from office for any violations of any and all existing municipal and or county ordinances, state statutes, governing the state of New Jersey concerning constables. Furthermore the chief constable / state president is only seated at headquarters, where the organization was founded and started by the Essex County Constable's located here in Essex County. The chief constable / state president has the right and the power to choose and maintain his / her board members for an unlimited time frame; this allows the chief constable / state president to maintain a working order of control throughout the entire organization. While there are other Chief constables of their perspective Counties there can only be one chief constable / state president and that individual is responsible for the well-being and growth of the entire organization. The chief constable / state president is endowed with all the powers, duties, and privileges of his / her predecessor and can only be removed from office for justified legal cause after being found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt of any misconduct, misuse of office, illegal activity, or conviction of any felony crimes committed. Then and only then can the existing board members vote to have any existing chief constable / state president presently holding the office removed.



Summary of Qualifications

My first experience in security work was with (Imperial Detective Agency on Bloomfield Ave. Newark, New Jersey) it’s now known as Simper Detective Agency back in the early eighty's around 1981. I applied with the city of Newark, N.J. for a law Enforcement position as a (Essex County Constable.) I was commissioned as a Constable in 1981. In 1990 I applied with ( Walla Security & Investigations inc. License no# 3634 ) as a security guard which after several years I eventually became a 24 hr. roaming armed supervisor. This eventually led to doing some investigations, this company shutdown in 1997. In 1996 I also applied with (Aarguard Int'l Detective Agency at 407 Allwood rd. Clifton, New Jersey license no# 2635) as a armed supervisor I eventually became a armed investigator and a 24 hr. rapid alarm response personnel. In 1998 I applied for a position as a armed investigator / supervisor / alarm response personnel with (Bowles Corporate Services Inc. at 693 Clifton, New Jersey license no# 5214 ). In which I started sometime back in June, 1998 and eventually became a 24 hr. on call site manager overseeing the firing and hiring of all guards on both sites and the payroll and all scheduling of the guards. October, 1999 I was hired as a armed security officer by (JMS Investigations license no# 4632 located at 1060 Broad St. Newark New Jersey 07102). Where I was eventually made site supervisor in charge of scheduling maintaining and placing guards at this site. About the same time I was also hired by (Command Security Corp. license no# 2461 located at 2222 Morris Ave. Union, New Jersey 07083). Where I’m specifically hired to do executive protection and body guarding ATM technicians and doing bank drops. (Inter-tech security located in Bloomfield, New Jersey) this company closed.  (Senate Investigations 273 West Saint George Avenue Linden, New Jersey) & (TKE Associates Inc. Sparta, New Jersey.) & (SOS security Inc. 1915 Route 46 East Parsippany, NJ 07054) At the last three companies where I was a private investigator and on call specifically to do executive protection and body guarding ATM technicians.  I've also completed several courses given by the (Federal Emergency Management Agency) courses as follows. IS-002 Emergency Preparedness USA / IS- 003 Radiological Emergency Management / IS-007 A Citizens Guide To Disaster Assistance / IS-195 Basic Incident Command Systems.  I also recently opened my own security agency in 2008 Senates Investigations LLC and started this organization in 2007. I'm the founder owner and CEO of U.S. Fugitive Recovery Agency a Subsidiary of  E.S.I. Solutions a Licensed Private Detective Agency.




Professional Experience

I successfully completed a course for Fugitive Recovery at the National Institute of Bail Enforcement Agents. The U.S. Department of Defense Police also certifies me with the use of  Pepper Spray.  And I've also successfully completed a course in the N.J.S.A. 2039 6 (JUSTIFIABLE USE OF DEADLY FORCE) given by a certified NRA INSTRUCTOR at the Marksmanship school at 438 main St. Paterson, New Jersey. I've also completed a course in Hazardous Materials Training HM 126 F. I've also completed a course in Refrigerant Recycling and Service procedures of CFC 12 required by section 609 of the Clean Air Act given by MOBILE AIR CONDITIONING SOCIETY.



 Personal Info